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2018 Innovations

Compilation of 2018 new product flyers that were released at IMTS and AMB.


108 Threading Geometry

  • 108 Threading with chip breaker
  • Optimized chip control for thread pitches 0.5-1.25 mm
  • Fits existing 108 holders
  • Advanced EG55 grade

    • Metric ISO thread partial profile P =  0.5-1.25
    • Metric ISO thread full profile P = 0.5 - 1.25








  • Productive machining of deep and narrow grooves
  • Tool design based on  the Supermini® 105 system
  • Highly productive on curved and undulating grooves
  • Advanced EG35 Grade

    • HSK, extended clamping holder
    • Groove width w = 1.5 - 4.0 mm
    • Groove Depth tmax  = 12-35 mm





  • Whirling unit with internal coolant supply
  • Precision coolant delivery to each insert for longer tool life
  • Excellent thread finish and size
  • Fast changeover due to modular design

    • Compatible with W&F internal coolant whirling unit
    • Works with LM271 & LM302 whirling heads






High productivity by simultaneous  turning and whirling

Long tool life and excellent surface quality from pre-turning thread diameter

Technology Partners Index/Traub





  • 16 Cutting edge octagonal insert
  • Vibration reducing pitch
  • Robust cutting with positive edge geometry
  • Multiple Grade and geometry options for a wide material range
    • Shellmill fixation 50-250
    • Insert Sizes 05 & 08





  • 90° cutter with Helical cutting edge
  • Excellent positive cutting action
  • Low cost per edge

    • Shellmill, weldon, & modular 10-125 mm Ø
    • Insert Sizes 10&16



  • Round milling system for the Die & mold industry
  • Retention clamp for secure milling
  • Advanced substrates matched to the application
  • Optimized insert position for excellent contour precision

    • Shellmill, cylindrical, & modular fixation 10-160 mm Ø
    • Insert Sizes 5,7 10,12, & 16








  • Multi-functional cutter for Round and Heptagonal Inserts
  • Advanced grades to cover a wide range of materials
  • High performance geometries for Difficult to Machine materials
  • Positive cutting action

    • Shellmill, weldon and modular fixation 25- 200 mm
    • Pitch - 2-16 effective cutting edges
    • REMW with 7 precision indexes



  • High Feed, Face, and Shoulder Milling with 6 effective flutes
  • Robust carbide shank for superior vibration resistance
  • Internal coolant delivered to each flute
  • Advanced AS45 grade
    • Carbide Shanks 20 mm short and long versions, cylindrical and weldon
    • High feed geometry 6 effective
    • Face milling geometry 6 effective




Tornos Multiswiss

  • Designed for Goltenbodt modular system
  • Flexible and adaptable machining
  • Expansion of existing Tornos MultiSwiss tooling
  • Compatible with all Supermini® L105 inserts

    • Works with 840 and 842 cassette interface 
    • Series S100, S274, 224, & 105 inserts supported



  • Compact design for Swiss Lathes
  • High Accuracy indexing
  • Optimized chip flow
  • Direct mount pocket
  • Advanced EG55 grade

    • Shanks 10 x 10 and 12 x 12 mm
    • Grooving, part-off, & full radius versions


New Cassettes 64T

  • Six-edged grooving / threading inserts
  • 220 Cassette for fast change over
  • Advanced EG55, IG55 grades
  • Threading and Grooving

    • Grooving - 1.5-3.0 mm
    • Inch Threading - P = 11,14,19,28 TPI
    • Metric Threading - P = 1- 2 mm
    • Grooving - w = 1.5-3.0 mm


Polygon Turning for Non-Circular Profiles

  • Cost Effective production of splines, polygons, & shapes
  • External and internal machining
  • Custom solutions available


Broaching Geometries and Coolant

  • Supermini® and S117 series inserts
  • Geometries designed for broaching units and conventional broaching
  • Superior coolant delivery for longer tool life
  • Geometries for Difficult to Machine materials
  • Wide range of broaching units supported
  • Advanced AN25 Grade

    • Supermini® 105 & 110 Geometry A & B
    • S117 Geometry A & B 
    • Geometry A for broaching units
    • Geometry B for conventional broaching
    • SHM117 and SH117 with 3 outlet coolant


Drilling Carbide DDHM/DSFF

  • Economical drilling of sintered carbide
  • Drilling from solid up to 10 x Ø
  • Eliminate long spark eroding processes
  • High Performance CVD-D Ultra Hard substrates

    • DDHM 2-10 mm Ø, 5 & 10 x Ø, Grade HD03, HD05
    • DSFF Chamfering Tool 6 & 12 mm Ø, 15°,30°, and 45°  Grade HD03


Lightweight DTM

  • High strength aluminum body provides70% reduction in body mass
  • Lower spindle power usage and improved bearing life
  • With and without adjustment pockets
  • Multiple geometry configurations and grades
  • High performance solution for ISO group N materials

    • Shell Mill mount Ds 40-125 mm
    • Advanced Ultra Hard Grades HD08, PD70, and PD75
    • Advanced geometries H0,H5, and HF


406-409 New Substrates

  • Wider Range of Grades for the 406 and 409 series inserts
  • Longer Tool Life in Heat Resistant Material
  • Material Group Specific Grades

    • IG35 ISO Group M,S materials
    • AS46 ISO Group K materials
    • NE2B ISO Group N materials


610 - Six-Edged Tangential Slot Milling System

  • The world's only slot milling cutter with six-edged indexable inserts
  • High precision and surface quality
  • Coated cutter body to protect from chip wash
  • Standard Variants

    • Outer diameter from 100 to 125 mm (3.937 to 4.921")
    • Tmax from 26.0 to 32.5 mm (1.024 to 1.280")
    • Width of cut 16 mm (.630")


406 / 409 - Adjustable Width Groove Milling Cutter

  • Easily adaptable groove width thanks to the adjustable body
  • Reduce tooling inventory costs
  • Groove width range

    • M406: 9.6 to 12.9 mm (.3779 to .5078")
    • M409: 12.9 to 18.8 mm (.5078 to .740")



2017 Innovations

Compilation of flyers: INFO2.17DE and flyers INFO5.17DE through INFO22.17DE

Tool systems for gear skiving / DA62 Milling system / DA32 insert with diamond tip / Toodle high speed spindles for use with end mills DS / DCG thread milling cutter for M1 to M2.5 / Finishing end mills DS / DD solid carbide drills / High-performance DR reaming system / Precision sintered insert S64T / Grooving blade with internal cooling / Insert type 315, CBN-tipped / 25A Axial grooving system with extended working range / Internal grooving with the 209 and 216 systems / Extension for the modular system 960 / EG3/EG5 for Supermini, Mini and 312 / Machining sintered carbide / Targeted cooling at the cutting edge / Face milling cutters and shoulder mills ETAtec 45P / Face milling cutters and shoulder mills ZETAtec 90N


Pipe and Coupling Machining for the Crude Oil and Gas Industries

Crude oil is one of the most important and most widely used raw materials, particularly as a raw material in the chemical industry and as a fuel for transport and for generating energy. Due to the huge importance of crude oil, the crude oil industry is the largest in the world.

Special applications require special tools and technologies. HORN offers innovative system solutions for the oil and gas industries, which are tailored precisely to our customers' requirements – new manufacturing strategies for higher process reliability, considerably longer tool life and significantly reduced machining cycle times, and we ensure that everything is practical, and above all reliable.

Innovative system solutions from HORN include tools for pipe end machining seamlessly hot-rolled or welded steel pipes, for turning, peeling the cone, seal seat machining and thread cutting on API and premium connections.


Machining Sintered Carbide with CVD-D

Drilling, grooving, turning and milling features and contours in sintered carbide – without pre-treatment or subsequent treatment – is not possible with standard tool concepts available on the market. For such applications, CVD-D-tipped tools offer real advantages. Their geometrically defined cutting edges are adapted to the particular machining tasks – from extremely sharp and rounded, all the way up to positive and negative chamfers. Thanks to the flawless and geometrically optimized cutting edges, the CVD-D diamond can be used for anything from roughing to fine finishing.


EG3/EG5 for Supermini, Mini and 312

Materials that are extremely difficultto machine can pose a significantmanufacturing and financialchallenge to cutting tools – particularly when it comes to small and miniature parts. To address the needs of these applications – in which tools from the Supermini product series machine holes with diameters from 0.2 mm – HORN has developed the EG3 and EG5 coatings.

The distinction between the two types rests in their substrates and layer thickness and they make it possible to achieve an extremely smooth layer – reducing the amount of heat that is transferred to the tool, and the cutting edge in particular, thanks to significantly lower friction. A golden wear layer provides a coating for improved wear detection.

The new coatings have been developed for the Supermini, Mini and 312 tool systems. Supermini is primarily used for boring and grooving of hole diameters ≥ 0.2 mm. The Mini tool system comes into play in similar processes, but for hole diameters starting from 6.0 mm. The triple-edged inserts of the 312 system are also used for grooving and parting off, as well as for external machining and similar machining processes involving hole diameters from 46 mm.


Internal grooving with the 209 and 216 Systems

The new grooving systems are designed for internal machining of bores with diameters ≥ 16 mm (system 209) and ≥ 20 mm (system 216). At retraction distances up to 50 mm, a groove depth of max. 7.5 mm can be achieved. Key elements of both systems include tool holders with internal cooling and two-edged indexable inserts with cutting widths of 2 to 6 mm. The robust shank with elliptical cross-section of the boring bar neck ensures excellent damping properties. The g6-quality shanks are available from stock in a left-hand or right-hand design.


25A Axial Grooving System with Extended Working Range

New products for the proven 25A axial grooving system with cartridge design and round shanks enhance its possible applications. Whereas the previous system with one-edged or two-edged indexable inserts achieved cutting widths of 2 to 4 mm, and a grooving depth of up to 18 mm from an external diameter of 15 mm, the further developed cartridge and round shank versions now allow for grooving diameters of 50 to 65 mm and from 65 to 80 mm with cutting widths of 3 and 4 mm. 


High-Performance DR Reaming System

Visitors at EMO will be informed that the most popular reamers are now available from stock: for H7 bores from 12 to 50 mm in diameter in millimeter increments and for bores from 52 to 100 mm in diameter in a further eleven sizes. Each size is available with two geometries: straight fluted for blind bores and left-hand helical for through-bores.


Finishing Endmills DS

With the solid carbide tools from the DS milling cutter family, HORN is incorporating top-class products into its portfolio for machining copper, graphite, aluminum, plastics, fiber reinforced plastics, soft and hardened steels as well as titanium and superalloys. The end, torus, full radius, double radius, multi-edge and roughing cutters are available in diameters from 2 to 16 mm, and micro end mills have diameters ≥ 0.2 mm. The h5-quality tool shanks have impressive concentricity of 0.005 mm, which makes them ideal for finishing operations


DCG Thread Milling Cutters for M1 to M2.5

The solid carbide milling cutters from the DCG series have been proving themselves in the production of threads sized from M3 to M12 for many years. As the single-row milling cutters can be used for different pitches, high operational flexibility is guaranteed. 


SFI Toodle High-Speed Spindles

At EMO Hannover, HORN is presenting the high-speed spindles from SFI Toodle, which have recently been added to its portfolio. With this addition, users do not just benefit from the advantages of these world-renowned spindles – in particular, they can reap the rewards of combining them with the solid carbide milling cutters from HORN's DS series. More than 600 DS milling cutters with cutting edge diameters of between 0.1 and 3 mm can be supplied with a pre-mounted Toodle spindle within one week. The milling cutters can be adapted to meet specific requirements more than simply in terms of their diameter. Thanks to the numerous versions with various geometries, coatings and carbide substrates, the tool best suited to the job can be selected for machining non-ferrous metals, steels, hardened steels, titanium alloys as well as other hard-to-cut materials.


DD Solid Carbide Drills

HORN will introduce a range of solid carbide drills at EMO in Hannover. Two geometry variants with diameters from 4.0 mm to 18.0 mm are available.

The tools feature the excellent standard of precision that customers have come to expect from HORN. They are produced with particular attention paid to the surface quality, the precision of the ground geometry and the cutting edge preparation. Together with the various coating options, these aspects ensure that customers using the tools will achieve excellent, consistent results.


Extension to Range of Face Milling Cutters and Shoulder Mills

The ZETAtec 90N arbor milling cutters, featuring diameters of 50 mm to 160 mm, are equipped with five to ten inserts, each of which has six cutting edges. The excellent standards of reliability they achieve during rough machining are thanks to their negative geometry – while the positive rake angle ensures a smooth cut. What’s more, the milling cutters also prove a real asset for customers performing helical or linear plunging, despite the negative geometry. The benefits of the cutting insert’s properties truly come to the fore in cases where short-chipping materials are being machined – when milling anything from simple steels to cast materials, for example. To ensure that the correct cutting insert can be selected for the task at hand, two substrates and geometries are available: one steel grade for stainless steels and one for cast and non-ferrous metals.


Extension to Range of Face Milling Cutters and Shoulder Mills

The ETAtec 45P arbor milling cutters, featuring diameters of 50 mm to 160 mm, come equipped with between five and ten 7-edged inserts. The tools not only offer a 45° angle of attack and positive geometry, but also generate low cutting forces, all of which ensures a smooth machining process accompanied by high levels of productivity – an important user benefit, particularly in cases where less powerful machines and unstable clamping setups are being used. Thanks to the multifunctional concept – involving one tool holder for two different insert versions – the inserts designed for face milling can easily be swapped with round cutting inserts if profile milling needs to be carried out, for example.


Targeted Cooling at the Cutting Edge

HORN presents Boehlerit’s extended product portfolio for turning using tool holders with connections for internal coolant supply. The new tool holders are available with toggle clamp (ISO-P) and screw clamp (ISO-S) systems.

Boehlerit’s new tool holders with connections for internal coolant supply are available with a toggle clamp system (P) and screw clamp system (S). The P tool holders are suitable for all ISO indexable inserts. There are no loose parts and only a few spare parts are required, making them easier to handle.

The indexable inserts can be clamped quickly and safely. As no disruptive set-up is needed, unobstructed chip flow is guaranteed.


DA32 Insert with Diamond Tip

At the EMO trade fair, HORN's proven DA32 milling system will be on show with diamond-tipped inserts for the first time. This feature allows the tools to achieve outstanding results during shoulder milling, face milling, plunge milling and circular milling.The highly positive geometry of the inserts ensures a particularly smooth cut. This keeps the stress exerted on the workpiece and the tool to a minimum. As a result, a long tool life and virtually burr-free machining are guaranteed – particularly when it comes to long-chipping materials. The wide finishing radius creates the very best standards of surface quality, even at high feed rates. The coolant supply reliably ensures targeted cooling of the cutting edges as well as safe removal of the chips away from the working zone.


Insert Type 315, CBN Tipped

The latest expansion of the 315 grooving system from HORN covers hard machining applications. The single-edged, CBN-tipped insert ensures high rigidity in the tool. The insert seat has a large contact surface to direct the cutting pressure into the holder. Furthermore, the central clamping screw enables maximum tightening of the insert. These properties make the system ideal for counteracting the large forces generated during hard machining. The cutting material CBN is the second-hardest material in the world and is used as a substitute for diamond. Unlike diamond, this cutting material can be used to machine ferrous materials as no carbon diffusion occurs during the process. The inserts are available in grooving widths from 1 mm to 3 mm. In addition, the holder range is available in the monoblock design and as a cartridge system for HSK-T and PSC connections.


Grooving Blade with Internal Cooling

The new grooving blades are designed for universal use when producing small batch sizes. Six blades with cutting widths of 2.5/3 mm and 4 mm are available for these applications, with each pair of three blades measuring 26 mm and 32 mm high. Their projection length is universally adjustable.

The grooving blades hold two cutting inserts arranged in mirror symmetry. The self-clamping insert seat enables replacement that is straightforward and yet still highly precise. It is opened with a chuck key so that the cutting insert can be easily removed and a new one inserted. A prism in the insert and the groove blade ensures a secure connection. The inserts are available in all cutting widths with chipbreaker geometry.


System S64T

The S64T insert with chipbreaker geometry is an evolution of the S64T insert that was unveiled at AMB 2016. In addition to the more extensive working range it offers, this precision tool with six cutting edges features a range of chipbreaker geometries and the new EG5 coating. Thanks to this coating, as well as the carbide substrate, the new insert is able to machine any kind of steel.

The new series of precision-sintered six-edged tools with ground inserts comprises a number of variants with different cutting widths.


Tool Systems for Gear Skiving

For the high-productivity manufacturing of internal gear teeth, splines and other internal profiles,HORN is introducing tools for gear skiving. This machining method has a number of advantages:

  • Considerably shorter processing times in comparison to gear tooth broaching
  • Can be used on optimized milling centers
  • No undercut necessary at the end of the gear tooth
  • Turning and gear cutting possible in a single clamping


DA62 Milling System

HORN has developed the new DA62 milling system for corner, face and plunge milling. The system from the precision tool manufacturer uses a new precision sintered six-edged indexable insert. Both sides of the insert can be used and it has three axial and radial cutting edges on each side. The precision-ground, trigonal insert boasts a large core cross-section and maximum cutting length. The design of the cutting edges produces a positive cutting geometry despite the negative insert angle. The six cutting edges on each indexable insert provide excellent value for money for each edge.


Tooling System for Aluminum Wheel Machining

Horn tools for machining cast or forged aluminum wheels deliver high process reliability and excellent surface quality.

The tools, which are based on the tried and proven grooving and longitudinal turning system 229, are available as cutting inserts tipped with carbide and PCD. Furthermore, the portfolio is completed by the S29F system and a comprehensive range of ISO products, both of which are also available in PCD. Tool holders and cutting inserts for internal and external machining are included in the portfolio.

With a cutting edge geometry that has been customized for machining wheels, the cutting inserts are able to reduce burr formation and the formation of build-up edges as well as increase tool life and dimensional accuracy in series production.


Extentsion for modular system 960 - Revised Sept. 2017

HORN is extending the 960 modular system for the 845 interface by adding new cartridges to hold the S229 insert. The double-edged insert for grooving and parting off, as well as for longitudinal and contour turning, is available ex stock with various chipbreaker geometries and substrates. The maximum grooving depth of the cartridge is 25 mm with a machining diameter of 68 mm. Groove widths between 3 mm and 6 mm are available. All grooving cartridges are fitted with an internal coolant supply. Cooling takes place via the clamping finger and support.


Internally cooled inserts for grooving and parting off

The S100 single cutting edge insert and the S224 double cutting edge insert from HORN are available with internal coolant supply through the insert. The targeted coolant jet acts directly on the point of cutting, thus ensuring optimum cutting conditions. The funnel-shaped nozzle creates a coolant jet which actively supports chip formation and thus reduces the chance of chip jamming. Furthermore, this type of internal cooling significantly reduces the formation of built-up edges and fractures on the cutting edge. Unlike conventional cooling methods, this system therefore achieves higher cutting parameters, which allow the tool to be used even more economically and efficiently.