Turning System: 32T

HORN has developed the new 32T system for use on Swiss-type lathes and for grooving and parting off on smaller fixed-head lathes. We are expanding the tool system by introducing versions for threading, grooving and longitudinal turning as well as for full radius grooving. The central clamping screw offers high changeover accuracy of the cutting insert and direct entry into the insert seat of the tool holder. Additionally, there is no need for clamping elements, which could potentially have a detrimental effect on chip flow. The head of the clamping screw does not introduce interference contours and therefore permits both grooving and parting off directly at the spindle. The precision-sintered grooving insert can be used as a neutral insert and as both a left-hand and a right-hand insert. The 32T system compliments Horn’s portfolio of triple-edged cutting inserts by offering a solution for smaller-scale applications.

The maximum groove depth of the system is 4 mm (0.157") with a groove width (w) of 0.5 mm to 2.5 mm (0.019" to 0.099"). For grooving operations, the inserts are available with both straight and full radius cutting edges. Horn offers the indexable insert with a 15-degree chamfer for parting off. A cylindrically ground chipbreaker geometry ensures reliable chip removal. The tool holder is designed as a square shank measuring 8 x 8 mm (0.315 x 0.315“), 10 x 10 mm (0.394 x 0.394"), 12 x 12 mm (0.472 x 0.472") or 16 x 16 mm (0.629 x 0.629"). All versions feature an internal coolant supply and are available in both left-hand and right-hand designs. For the coated grades, users can choose between EG35 (material groups P and M) or EG55 (material group P).