Technology Days 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between RSVP and Registration?


The RSVP form is for those guests who are attending Technology Days 2019 but are unable to make travel arrangements before March 1, 2019.  RSVP's allow HORN to make hotel reservations for the correct number of visitors.

The RSVP period ends at 11:45 PM Central Time on March 1st.


The Registration form should be completed by everyone who has made their travel arrangements.  Your travel itinerary allows HORN to schedule ground transportation between Stuttgart and the hotel.

Additionally, registration tells HORN which presentations you prefer to attend and if you will be attending the tour of southern Germany on June 8, 2019.

The registration period ends at 11:45 PM Central Time on March 31st.

I have submitted an RSVP or Registration but did not receive a confirmation email.

  • RSVP Confirmation: Contact us before the RSVP deadline.
  • Registration Confirmation: Contact us before the Registration deadline.

Technology Days Contact:

Jason Farthing
Mobile: (615) 761-7869

What travel options do you suggest to keep the price down?

Pricing for arrivals to or departures from Stuttgart Airport (STR) can fluctuate depending on season and airline.  Here are a few alternate routes to consider.

  • Look at airfare for arrivals and departures at another airport.

    • Other Local Airports

      • Frankfurt, Germany (FRA)
      • Munich, Germany (MUC)
      • Zurich, Switzerland (ZRH)

  • Take the Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) from the alternate airport to Stuttgart's Main Train Station. 

    • The train rides are approximately 1 to 3 hours.

      • Frankfurt (M) Flughafen Fernbf -to/from- Stuttgart HBF
      • Muenchen Flughafen Terminal - to/from- Stuttgart HBF
      • Zuerich Flughafen -to/from- Stuttgart HBF

Keep your receipt handy if traveling by train.  The receipt is your ticket.

Train Reservations:

  • Deutsche Bahn - Mobile App (Search your app store)

    • Please Note: Booked tickets are displayed in the app in relation to the time zone where you are currently.  This could cause confusion.

      • E.g.: 5:30 AM tickets for June 9 departure from Stuttgart will display as June 8 departure while you are in North America.

  • Deutsche Bahn - Online Reservations:

What is the recommended itinerary?

We recommend:

  • June 5: Arrive in Stuttgart
  • June 6: Attend Technology Days
  • June 7: Attend Technology Days
  • June 8: Tour Southern Germany with Horn USA
  • June 9: Depart Stuttgart

What is covered?

HORN will cover the following June 5 through June 9.

Ground Transportation:

  • To/from the Stuttgart Airport or Train Station and the designated hotel
  • To/from the designated hotel and Horn GmbH


  • One room per guest or couple at the designated hotel
  • Horn will only cover evening stays for June 5 arrivals through June 9 departures

    • Early arrivals or late departures are the responsibility of the guest


  • Breakfast - Included with accommodations
  • Lunch - Provided to attendees of Technology Days, at Paul Horn GmbH
  • Dinner - As a group, provided by HORN

Group Outing:

  • Ground Transportation to/from event
  • Entry Fees
  • Group Lunch

At what hotel will we be staying?

Hotel information will be announced on the Pertinent Details page.  You will receive login credentials after you register for the event.

How do I get from the Airport or Train Station to the Hotel?

A taxi service has been contracted to transport you to the designated hotel.

Upon clearing customs:

  • Retrieve you checked luggage
  • Look for a driver holding the HORN logo as you exit the luggage area

As there are many international visitors attending Technology Days, please inform the driver that you are with Horn USA.  A complete taxi list will be made available for your review.  The list will be added to pertinent details following the close of registration.

In case a driver is not waiting for you outside of the baggage claim area:

My flight arrives in the morning, will my room be ready?

Most guests will be able to check in by early afternoon or mid-afternoon at the latest.

  • Please ask the hotel attendant to hold your bags if you want to explore or go shopping until your room is prepared.

Do I need any power converters or special types of plug adaptors?

German Electricity:

  • 230 V Single-Phase at 50 Hz


  • Euro-Plug with 2 round pins (Ø 4 – 4.8 mm with spacing of 19 mm on center)
  • Plug adaptors for “Continental Europe” are more than sufficient

How to tell if your device will handle the power:

  • The device’s AC Adaptor should list: “Input: 100-240 V ~ 50-60 Hz”

Most quality electronic devices come with an AC adaptor capable of converting European power.  Please check your device's power adapter before packing.

It has been our experience that devices with motors or heating elements can only be used if they have dual voltage settings.  Please check your electric razors, hair dryers, curling irons, steam irons, etc… before packing.  There is no need to incur overweight luggage fees for an item that will not function on European power.

How is breakfast handled at the hotel?

The hotel provides a breakfast buffet each morning.


    • Breakfast bar is self-service.  Staff members are available should you need assistance.
    • Have your room key handy.  Hotel staff may ask for your room number to verify you are staying at the hotel.
    • You will be advised of breakfast hours by the hotel staff at check in.

    How do we get to back and forth from the hotel and Horn GmbH?

    Each morning, a bus will be waiting to transport international visitors to Paul Horn GmbH.

    • The bus will close it's doors and depart on time.  The driver will not wait.
    • During the afternoon, buses will run predefined routes to return guests to their hotel.
    • The bus schedule is noted in the General Schedule of Events document.

    What are we doing as a group on June 8th (Saturday)?

    Horn USA guests are invited to attend a group tour of Southern Germany.